Shirley Weisbrod, Artist

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INTAGLIO is a color reproduction art form dating back to the fourteenth century. It starts with a copper plate, which is first covered with an acid-resistant wax, and the image is then cut into the wax with an etching needle. Finally the plate is dipped into acid. The acid bites into the exposed lines where the wax was removed. These acid-bitten areas hold the ink.

To make an etching print, ink is pushed into the grooves, and the surface of the plate wiped clean. The plate is put onto a press bed with dampened paper on top, then run through the press under pressure, drawing the ink out of the grooves and onto the paper. Shirley Weisbrod also uses this press process to make embossed lines in some of her prints.



ETCHING by Shirley Weisbrod
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Intaglio, 1980, 4/25, (19x13")(P81)
Intaglio, 1979, 6/15, (23x18")(P83)
Apple Trees IV
Embossment with Etching Insert, 1985, 5/25, (24x36")(P89)
Charles River
Intaglio, 1984, A/P, (24x166")(PGW01)
Timberline Blue
Color Embossment, 1986, A/P, (33x27")(P109)
Intaglio, 1979, 8/20, (32x26")(P110)

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