Shirley Weisbrod, Artist

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Hand-formed Paper

Shirley Weisbrod's hand-formed paper begins by putting cotton cloth into a heavy-duty beater with water to break down the cotton fibers. A pressure press is used to squeeze out the water, leaving a dry pulp. To work with the material, the pulp is re-hydrated to form a slush-like material, which the artist shapes by hand. Some paper is multi-colored due to the use of colored cotton along with white cotton.

Shirley Weisbrod's paper is hand-formed into various shapes and sizes. Some of the art involves embedding plants into the paper, causing them to be fused when dry (shown in "Snow" and "Jellyfish"). She also handforms the paper around objects (shown in "Pipes" and "Broken Corner").


by Shirley Weisbrod
(click on artwork to view enlargement)



"Waiting for the Doctor", 1984, formed hand-made paper (approx 30" wide) (P141)
"Four Seasons", 1986
formed hand-made paper, (30x24") (P067)
"Snow in the Dark", 1985, twigs in hand-made paper, (approx18x20') (P197)
"Broken Corner", 1985,
hand-formed paper, (52x30") (P154)
"Pipes", 1986,
hand-formed paper, (48x26") (P153)
"Jellyfish", 1987,
plant in hand-made paper, (38x27")(P090)

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