Shirley Weisbrod, Artist

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Stained Glass

Shirley Weisbrod's stained glass work involves a process of colored glass cutting, application of copper foil taping and leading techniques, with soldering to sculpture the basic stained glass, and application of a patina for the finished artwork.


Shirley Weisbrod's sculptural works have used such materials as concrete, clay and plaster.

by Shirley Weisbrod
(click on artwork to view enlargement)

"Tree I"
Stained Glass,(P169)
"Tree II"
Stained Glass, (P167)
Unmaned, Stained Glass, (P171)
Stained Glass, (P284)
Concrete Sculpture,
1964 (P162)
"The Economist"
Plaster Casting from Clay Sculpture, 1976, approx 18" high (P165)
Threads and Wood, (P151)

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