Shirley Weisbrod, Artist

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Metal Forming

Shirley Weisbrod's pewter bowls and candelabra are made from pewter ingot that is melted and cast in a mold.

Shirley Weisbrod's copper bowls and cylinders are made from copper sheets and plates that are spun, hammered and etched.

The etching process involves coating parts of the piece with an acid-proof paint and then briefly submerging the piece in a bath of acid. The caustic liquid "bites" into copper, eating exposed areas to create a surface relief and visual texture in the metal. The etched parts are patinated black.


METAL ART FORMS by Shirley Weisbrod
(click on artwork to view enlargement)

Pewter Bowl with Handles
1977, approx 8" wide
Etched Copper Vase
1979, approx 16" tall
Etched Copper Vase Set
1979, approx 12"and 16" tall
Etched Copper Bowl & Base (2pc), 1980
approx 12" wide, 12"tall (P270)
Etched Copper Bowl, 1980,
approx 8" tall, 10" wide

Pewter Candelabra, 1978
approx 12" wide, 6" tall

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