Shirley Weisbrod, Artist

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Oriental Brush

Oriental-style bamboo brush watercolor painting involves the application of special horsehair brushes to apply watercolor paints to rice paper.

Shirley Weisbrod studied this art under a master painter while in California, and obtained her artists seal at that time, which is used with red ink to sign the art work. She uses brushes of varying widths to paint colors as well as draw branch details. She applies them with water color paints featuring traditional Japanese hues.

The result are paintings of oriental bamboo and flower themes, made in the traditional style with Shirley Weisbrod's unique emphasis of branch and leave designs.


PAINTINGS by Shirley Weisbrod
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Bird of Paradise
Bamboo Brush Watercolor, 2001, (12x9")(P184)
Bamboo Brush Watercolor, 2000, (10x8")(P180)
Bamboo Leaves
Bamboo Brush Watercolor, 2001, (10x8")(P182)
Yellow Flowers
Bamboo Brush Water- color, 2003,
Bamboo Brush Watercolor, 2002, A/P, (14x10")(P238)
Still Life
Oil Painting, 1963, (25x21")(P270)


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